We need your help.

My time is important.

I like where I sit during the worship service.

I would be nervous about making a mistake.

I’m not familiar with the requirements of the job.

I spend all week with… or doing… or making…

But maybe it’s time you set these excuses aside

and stepped up.


If you could help hit a couple of buttons, and zoom in and out on a camera during the service then let us know here.


If you could encourage young hearts and minds in Xgen on a 4-6 week rotation then let us know here.


If you sing or play an instrument and can help let us know here.



If you could be a greeter, or make coffee, or organize food on Sundays, or clean up the kitchen on Sundays, or clean the church once every six weeks, or maybe there is something you could do we aren’t doing, then let us know here.