five things you may want to know up front

1. Casual dress

2. x-gen Kids ministry (preK-5th) dismissed during communion.

3. Communion is open to a repentant, baptized believer in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

4. Self serve infant nursery, but we pipe in the sound so you don’t miss a thing.

5. We start at 10:10 AM, so get there early if you want to grab coffee.

Check us out on Facebook or Instagram and even send us a question on Twitter @regenchurchky or email @


we call themregrouplogoblack 800x215

refresh// A women’s small group. Thursdays @ 7:00PM @ Fordland Campus

regrow// A men’s small group. Tuesdays @ 7:00PM @ Fordland Campus

relentless// A summertime high school ladies small group. Wednesdays @ 4:00PM @ 129 Keelridge Dr.


101 Fordland Dr.

Georgetown, KY 40324

Scan the QR code to get directions on your phone, or just click on the link and do it from memory – regeneration Campus.



we want to be a church who 

…lifts up Jesus.

…worships God.

…loves people.


…shares The Gospel, and not just on Sundays.

…encourages reconciliation with God, one another,

creation, and ourselves.

…makes repentance a lifestyle.

…is racially diverse and unified in doctrine.

…spends 1 hour a day with God.

…spends 1 hour a week serving the Church.

…spends 1 hour a month serving our neighbor.


what we believe is fairly orthodox

  • God is one, the Creator of all things, and is trinitarian in nature as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus is the eternal son of God, born of a virgin, and without sin. Living a sinless life he made an atoning sacrifice for all sin at all times when he allowed himself to be crucified. His resurrection three days later is proof of God’s approval of that sacrifice on our behalf. He has ascended into heaven and will one day physically return to Earth.
  • The reason Jesus had to die is because the penalty for our sin is both a physical and spiritual death and results in fractured relationships with God, people, creation, and ourselves and without Jesus we are powerless to overcome sin and reconcile all of those relationships.
  • People, with the lone exception of Jesus, are made for relationships, but are sinful by birth and action making repentance from sin and faith in Jesus and his crucifixion and resurrection necessary for rescue from sin’s penalty and to a relationally abundant life now.
  • One of the relationships people were made for is marriage. Marriage is defined originally in Genesis and then throughout the Bible as between one man and one woman for as long as the two live. Marriage is a mysterious representation of God’s relationship with himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as well as God’s relationship with people, and Christ’s relationship with the Church. Believing this to be true we also believe God intended for sex to be a sanctifying act between husband and wife alone. Any other context is sin.
  • People will one day be resurrected from the dead. Only those whose faith in Jesus reconciled them with God will be raised to an eternal reward. Everyone else will be raised to eternal separation and punishment.
  • We get all of this from the Bible. We believe it to be true, authoritative and sufficient.


Robert and Kristi Smith are a couple of Georgetown kids who grew up, got married and started a church. Robert will serve as Lead Servant (primary preacher, teacher, pastor) and Kristi will lead X-gen (children’s ministry). We’re leaving out a lot of the story like: being passionate about widows and orphans, missions to closed countries, and that being and doing should go hand in hand with believing when following Jesus. We have made a lot of mistakes, and we have gotten a few things right. In the end starting regeneration is about obedience to the call of God. Over time they hope you get to know Jesus because of them and in spite of them.

We have a Board of Trustees who will make sure we put in place best practices to help us sustain growth and develop disciples. Currently, the Trustees are Kevin Gregory, John Ison, and Robert Glenn Smith.

Ronette Jones is our Lead Servant of Worship and Creative Arts. She was born and raised in the small town of Cynthiana, Kentucky and graduated from Kentucky Christian University in 2014 with a Bachelors degree in Bible and Worship Arts. Ronette has a passion for using music and other media in worship and in outreach.