Reignite Timeless Mercy

Sometimes when we watch a film we grade it based upon how it ends. When it ends unexpectedly or not how we wanted we often want an alternate ending. When the end of time alternates from what God has directed He will interact with the present to bring about the ending He has planned. God is always directing toward the end He wants.

Reignite Salvation

Salvation is both exclusive and inclusive, and the exclusive nature can be an affront to our pluralistic hookup culture that places pleasure above all other human values.


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We have begun publishing a short clip of the sermons each week on social media because people are more likely to watch a 4-minute video than they are to read a 4 sentence paragraph. We call them Reignite because they are meant to reignite what you experienced on Sunday. This week is called Cursed Reignited and you can find them here and share them anywhere:

Try Reading Through the Bible With This in 2017

There is a new way to read through the Bible that may help you do it and understand what you are reading. The App is called, Read Scripture by Crazy Love Ministries. It incorporates videos from The Bible Project, a ministry we support as a Church, to explain the books and themes. So, if you have tried to read the bible through and failed you may find this resource quite valuable.

This is what Robert will be using this year.

Help Kickstart a Church

Recently there has been a fairly creative way for people to fund inventions and create them. It’s called crowdsourcing. Maybe you’ve heard of Kickstarter and Quirky or maybe not. In both cases they tap into the power of social media to help fund things like the Blue Like Jazz Movie or the Pebble Smart Watch or to design and create things like our favorite Cordies or the Broom Groomer Pro.

We want to do the same thing, but we want to crowdsource planting a church. There will be more to come on the story of regeneration Church, and some of it you can pick up on our website. The short story goes something like this,

“God called a kid to preach who became a scientist who, figuratively speaking, eventually got tired of living in the belly of a fish and decided to begin the process of becoming a preacher. Eventually God called he, and his family of eight, to preach to his Ninevah. So, he did and people came and people were changed and the story goes on.”

We want to take a moment and ask you to give to something eternal this Christmas.

We could try to do this without you, but it’s a better story if you came along for the ride.

You could be either 1 of 10,000 people who give $25, or 1000 who give $250, or 100 who give $2500 to the 250k Fund. We’ve made it easy for you to give. We hope to have the privilege of sending you a Christmas card thanking you for your gift, those who give $250 or more will get a T-shirt if you don’t already have one. After you give we need your help to share it as well. So, hit the Like or Tweet buttons. 100% of all donations are tax deductible.

Just in case you didn’t hit one of the give links above you can go to or text “regen” to 77977 with your smart phone. Pushpay is our e-giving solution provider and 100% of your donation is tax deductible. We have a policy of full and open disclosure of finances for donors to facilitate trust that we spend the money on what we say we will spend it on.

Money from this fund will pay for 101 Fordland Drive and critical improvements to the roof, windows, etc.

Everything we raise above our goal will go toward the planting of another church slated for 2017 in Chile.

This is not a Kickstarter campaign.

Online Giving

At regeneration we recognize that we serve a ridiculously generous God who is regenerating us into ridiculously generous people. In an effort to remove any barrier that may keep us from being generous we have greatly improved the online giving experience. Giving to regeneration Church is now just a click away.

After watching the video check out the Giving Page.

Redemption House Needs

Redemption House Needs

Nicole Turner is seeking assistance for this center for women in recovery.

At any time she is willing to take the following (just bring it on a Sunday morning or see her personally):

Kitchen table and chairs
throw rugs for bedrooms and den
drinking glasses
crock pot
cleaning supplies
zip lock bags
trash bags
feminine hygiene products
shampoo and conditioners
bath soaps
toothbrushes and toothpaste
twin sheet sets (6 beds)
full sheets (3 beds)
bed spreads
ironing board
laundry baskets
scarves and mittens
goodwill vouchers (for clothes)
bus passes
a twin mattress
computer or laptop
tickets or money to do things together: putt putt golf tickets, movie tickets, roller skating, Kings Island tickets, Red White and Boom tickets
welcome baggies with toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, tampons, shampoo, conditioner for new girls.