Streaming Live Sunday (but it’s not the Super Bowl)

Because of the positive response we have gotten from streaming worship live on Facebook we’re EXCITED to take the next step and invest in a technology that will allow us to stream live to multiple outlets.

Beginning Sunday, you will now be able to see the live stream from our website homepage (, and YouTube in addition to Facebook. The stream should be more reliable with less likelihood of technical issues by simplifying the number of things we ask of our A/V volunteers.



Maybe it’s time you …

My time is important.

I like where I sit during the worship service.

I would be nervous about making a mistake.

I’m not familiar with the requirements of the job.

I spend all week with… or doing… or making…

But maybe it’s time you set these excuses aside

and stepped up.


If you could help hit a couple of buttons, and zoom in and out on a camera during the service then let us know here.


If you could encourage young hearts and minds in Xgen on a 4-6 week rotation then let us know here.


If you sing or play an instrument and can help let us know here.



If you could be a greeter, or make coffee, or organize food on Sundays, or clean up the kitchen on Sundays, or clean the church once every six weeks, or maybe there is something you could do we aren’t doing, then let us know here.

Reignite Timeless Mercy

Sometimes when we watch a film we grade it based upon how it ends. When it ends unexpectedly or not how we wanted we often want an alternate ending. When the end of time alternates from what God has directed He will interact with the present to bring about the ending He has planned. God is always directing toward the end He wants.

Online Giving

At regeneration we recognize that we serve a ridiculously generous God who is regenerating us into ridiculously generous people. In an effort to remove any barrier that may keep us from being generous we have greatly improved the online giving experience. Giving to regeneration Church is now just a click away.

After watching the video check out the Giving Page.

Redemption House Needs

Redemption House Needs

Nicole Turner is seeking assistance for this center for women in recovery.

At any time she is willing to take the following (just bring it on a Sunday morning or see her personally):

Kitchen table and chairs
throw rugs for bedrooms and den
drinking glasses
crock pot
cleaning supplies
zip lock bags
trash bags
feminine hygiene products
shampoo and conditioners
bath soaps
toothbrushes and toothpaste
twin sheet sets (6 beds)
full sheets (3 beds)
bed spreads
ironing board
laundry baskets
scarves and mittens
goodwill vouchers (for clothes)
bus passes
a twin mattress
computer or laptop
tickets or money to do things together: putt putt golf tickets, movie tickets, roller skating, Kings Island tickets, Red White and Boom tickets
welcome baggies with toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, tampons, shampoo, conditioner for new girls.

Reignite Salvation

Salvation is both exclusive and inclusive, and the exclusive nature can be an affront to our pluralistic hookup culture that places pleasure above all other human values.


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