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12:4// Do Not Be Afraid…Part 1


12:11// Do Not Be Afraid…Part 2


12:18// Do Not Be Afraid…Part 3


We want to welcome you to our website, and we pray that you have been encouraged and ministered to through its content.

We planted a Church because of a holy discontent with tracking success by attendance while ignoring the goal of the Great Commission, making disciples. We want to not only create an environment where people can experience the love and care of Jesus, but who are simultaneously made uncomfortable with their sin. We want to do this focusing on four relationships that are in need of regeneration: Us and God, Us and Others, Us and Ourselves, and Us and Creation.

We call ourselves regeneration, because we want to be a church that understands that we need to be made new. We mess up and need another chance…a redo, and when we allow God to change us and how we think about life, then we can experience radical, revolutionary change.

Hopefully, you will join us on a Sunday at 10:10AM.

Grace and Peace,


Lead Servant of regeneration Church